Unit 9: Summary

I found this unit very enjoyable in learning new aspects of media, and progressing experience I already know about the concept.

Look listen and analyze really helped my critical evaluation of movies. This aspect broke up a film scene by watching visually, listening to audio, and then putting both together – by doing this it allowed you to critically evaluate part for part on technical concepts of the movie scene.

The second part allowed me to delve further into the production facts of the movie scene I analyzed. I found some interesting notions about the production. All the production was filmed all on location, which I found really strange as most filming is equally location and in a studios – so it tells me a lot about recording the audio. I found this assignment very interesting.

The video assignment was very fun to conduct. Even know it was in preparation to the next unit assignment, the preparation work I made for this assignment was very enthusiastic about doing. I chose to write up the post production prep for one of the video assignments because it appealed to me most of all – I harbored experience in this, and I know what personal prep to take in order to get the most informative and organized post production planning. So I really enjoyed doing this because its something I know most in my area of media experience.

Overall I found this unit very informative – I learned new skills and furthered my experience in technical film analyses, which will benefit me now in my further studies of media production. Each assignment I was very enthusiastic to do because video editing and planning is something im most strongest at. However I feel I should have given myself more time on the video assignment, I do enjoy creating audio very much – but chose to do the post production planning instead because at the time preferred creating this, however next time I would branch out of my experience and try an activity I am not as familiar with, but however can develop more skill in.


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