Unit 9: A wee bit of post-production

Make a Scene from a Horror Film: Outline and describe what you would need to do for this assignment.


Recreate (or make your own!) scene from a horror movie. Whether you recreate the “Hereee’s Johnny!” scene from The Shining or create a new idea all together is up to you.

The scene i have created in my head would be set in a dark location by a forrest, the shot begins outside depicting a large and quite abandoned house. A girl inside is home alone, you can hear thunder outside. the girl walks into her room and hears movements downstairs. she walks downstairs to find the source of the sound. it leads her to a fridge where there is blood dropping from. she opens it and finds nothing – a false scare. as she shuts the fridge door, behind the door reveals a scary looking character in which stabs her. 

first pre production is most important. what i would need to do is firstly write the script, plus stage direction with notes of camera shots. with this i will create a story board and visually create the scenes – by doing this i can note down what camera shots will be used. as this is a horror scene set in the dark, lighting is very important – so i would create a floor plan placing the lighting on each scene – how bright the lighting will be and where it will be angled at to outline a certain object or person. for location would have to decide if use own house, or with much research and persuasion, an abandoned house would be most practical. if this was succeeded i would then create a risk assessment outlining what could go wrong, the risks to the set and to the actors – these are put in place to plan ahead to assure all actors and equipment is safe throughout the filming. finally once all post planning is complete, props will have to be considered – what budget the production is and how much money can go into putting together the special effects. once this is all done i will be ready to film.


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