Unit 5 Summary

At the end of this Unit, I am feeling some what impressed. Photography has never been my strongest point. I am never able to see through photography and capture pictures with meaning. However, this Unit has taught me such thing of point the camera and shooting with meaning – finding a story behind each photo. I really enjoyed the task PhotoBlitzing, where we were given titles and had to photography objects that related to these titles. My favourite photo was ‘something that creates openning’ – I chose to photograph a book. I love reading and felt books open you to a completely different world. Thus being complimented on my set of photographs really gave me motivation and inspiration to further photography on.


Unit 5 – Visual Assignments

‘Splash That Colour’

Ive seen this concept before – the idea of a primary object dominated by the a smaller significant secondary object elicited by the colour burst. Hopefully my picture has fulfilled the same idea.


you’d be surprised how little effort you need to put into creating something like this. All i did was download ‘color effects’ app on my iphone, and the rest made history…