Unit 5 – Becoming better photographers.

Create Depth: Look for ways to add dimension of visual depth in your 2 dimensional images- play with foreground, lines, use of wide angle lenses, use of dark backgrounds


to create a photo with perception, its needs to be given depth – and to achieve this, objects with an obvious curve allows the picture to have some depth by following the curvature of the objects structure – and to elicit this more by giving it dimension, by focusing on the part most frontal and foreground, slightly blurs the background, thus creating the 3D effect.

Expose for Aesthetics Learn how to use aperture, shutter speed, iso to control the image- what the effects of these all play on depth of field, motion freeze vs blurring. For fixed lens camera/mobile, at least understand what the level of light means for your photos (why are those low light photos are blurry?)


altering more light to hit the intended primary objects in the photos allowed the picture to become to aesthetically pleasing, the gold was enhanced creating a value to the object, and the shadow cast in the background allowed the foreground to predominantly stand out.

Change My Perspective By Changing Yours: Find different and unique points of view. Look down, up, lay down on the ground, anything different from your normal view of the world at head height. Seek perspectives of lines.


from angling the camera more to the left of the primary objects and point the lens to look down the right created a very beautiful depth of the clock hand – the different perspective was more aesthetically effective than a usual forward point shoot.


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