Unit 4 summary

To summarize this module, I did genuinely enjoy Unit 4 learning about what is audio story telling and how it works.

The key points I have learnt from researching audio story telling from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad is how story telling is so unique, and how story telling creates a feeling of connectivity through the speaker and the audience. Both covered the same fact of how story’s keep unique – this is through raising questions and sharing empathy – keeping the story real and going


The audio assignments, I personally really enjoyed both concepts. I learnt how to use new software, got a really good understanding, despite my limited knowledge before hand, on how radio works, how radio bumpers work. I enjoyed the five sound story – despite using more sounds than required to, I enjoyed creating an imaginative narrative through just pure basic sounds.


The daily create was fun and enjoyable, despite only completing one – I had to combine food into jewellery – luckily by my side I have a lot of strawberry laces and love hearts – so I combined this and created a necklace – not sure how it promotes creativity tying a strawberry shoelace to a packet of sweets, but hey, it was quite enjoyable doing so.



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