Unit 3 Summary Checklist

Unit 3 summary checklist

 Its quite hard to be put on the spot and told to ‘you, in 100 words describe was so and so means’. But when it came to being asked what story telling meant to myself, no Googling, no writing down notes – just type. so i did, i typed what story telling meant to me, and i was very pleased with the outcome. my understanding of story telling taught myself how much of an impact stories were on myself growing up – i was once told about a story working in the media industry behind the camera when the lights rolls up and intermission started – it stuck with me – i could create the scene in my head so prominent and realistic – and so, 10 years later, here i am studying Media Production and De Montfort University. Stories are more powerful than you think.



Heres my own version of the shape of stories theory by Kurt Vonnegut, transferred into my own interpretation. I found Vonneguts theory to make a lot of sence, by breaking up the story arc, it produced a more effective understanding of the narrative structures of story telling. 



Heres my own ‘telling stories in 5 frames’. They gave us examples of creating a story within photos, in which the audience use their imagination to narrate the story. In my blog, i posted 5 photos of my trip to Austria, and the winter wonderland adventure i had, in which seem to appear in chronological order starting from travelling there and traveling home. I really enjoyed this assignment, i enjoyed the simplicity of the photos and the complexity of what the photos can tell.


Unit 3 summary: 

Ive found Unit three a lot more enjoyable that the other two units, purely because we were just being breifed throughout the early stages, but now through this unit, we are slowly starting to develop our creativity by given actual tasks we can complete. i enjoyed this unit far more than the start, and am sure the next load of units will be enjoyed furthermore.


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