Unit 2 – Unit summery checklist

I find blog making quite a challenge, purely for my unfamiliarity with this web platform – i have to admit my skills with WordPress are very limited and very unimaginative. BUT i’m getting there – i’m learning, and my blog is starting to slowly develop and my skills knowledge and familiarity expands. so far i’ve learnt how to embed hyperlinks which has been quite interesting and help the context of my blog have more meaning. the photo i chose helps represent me, i love traveling and don’t idolise my own image as the home page screen, ive also been tagging and hashtagging key words to expand and share the blog. i also have been problem solving much more and exploring new aspects of word press – for example the GIF making incident where i had no idea how to embed it properly, but then problem solved with my independent researching and fixed it. also embedding the youtube hyperlink so the video began at exacly 5.50 minutes to which i was describing the quote about. So its been challenging, but its still early days and the blog with develop.

So overall so far so good, im enjoying my overall learning experience with ds106, its very enlightening and teaching towards your own self and how you can handle independent learning and problem solving, and also giving and pushing more confidence in my own ability of creativity.

i think the own downside is my attention span to big tasks and reflective analysing is the only thing i need help with, thus actually grasping what really is reflective analysing and how i do it right. but we’ll see.


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