Unit 2 – A personal cyberinfra.. what?

My thoughts exactly – what is a personal cyberinfrastructure? and what is a digital facelift? over the last week or so i have been hopping back and forward between units trying to carefully avoid having to do this assignment. but i have finally came around to it, and ive finally cracked my understanding of both Gardener Campbells inside ‘gold’ and ‘nugget’ joke and what in the world does he mean when he talks about cyberinfrastructure and facelifting digitally.

So lets begin, what were the key sentences and/or keywords generated my interest – the quote at 5minutes 50seconds into the video. “We are entering a new age of education that is programmed for discovery rather than instruction”. i rather like this quote a lot, and it made me pause the video to jot some ideas that generated from these two keywords.

Now what the keyword ‘discovery’ means to me is exploring new things, and learning new things, and connecting ourselves with new concepts – by discovering we are constantly learning and this gradually shapes and moulds us into these digitally advance beings. This is because technology has developed so rapidly in the last decade it has given us all these opportunities to explore limitlessly at our own will – discovering new things, developing our own learning of the world and how the world works.

The understanding that instruction is not any means to us anymore, but exploring is, and it this whole recurring theme of discovery can be filtered into the DS106 learning experience, many phrases and key words stick out to me when reading these assignments “You are required encouraged ” – the whole comical notion and reminding us that its not an instructing concept, we are encouraged constantly to make our own decisions, work out our own way of learning which suits us so comfortable and willingly.


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