Unit 3 – Digital Story telling

When it comes to digital story telling, these Childline advertisements are the most relevant examples you can get. With digital story telling its creates this narrative to dramatically connect and causes us to release many different emotions.

With this advert its creates such a powerful story – we follow the life of one abused child and how this abuse resonates in his life. when watching this story it create two emotions, both distress and empathy purely through the dramatic arc of rising action and climax. we are connected with this character so much through the story telling it become very much so realistic therefore it causes us to want to start action against abuse.


Unit 3 – The shape of stories

The Fault in our stars

1. Hazel grace has cancer

2. She meets Gus who brings her spirits up, and gradually falls deeply in love

3. Gus gets cancer

4. Gus dies

5. Hazel finds a note from Gus explaining how much he loves her

Unit 2 – Unit summery checklist

I find blog making quite a challenge, purely for my unfamiliarity with this web platform – i have to admit my skills with WordPress are very limited and very unimaginative. BUT i’m getting there – i’m learning, and my blog is starting to slowly develop and my skills knowledge and familiarity expands. so far i’ve learnt how to embed hyperlinks which has been quite interesting and help the context of my blog have more meaning. the photo i chose helps represent me, i love traveling and don’t idolise my own image as the home page screen, ive also been tagging and hashtagging key words to expand and share the blog. i also have been problem solving much more and exploring new aspects of word press – for example the GIF making incident where i had no idea how to embed it properly, but then problem solved with my independent researching and fixed it. also embedding the youtube hyperlink so the video began at exacly 5.50 minutes to which i was describing the quote about. So its been challenging, but its still early days and the blog with develop.

So overall so far so good, im enjoying my overall learning experience with ds106, its very enlightening and teaching towards your own self and how you can handle independent learning and problem solving, and also giving and pushing more confidence in my own ability of creativity.

i think the own downside is my attention span to big tasks and reflective analysing is the only thing i need help with, thus actually grasping what really is reflective analysing and how i do it right. but we’ll see.

Unit 2 – A personal cyberinfra.. what?

My thoughts exactly – what is a personal cyberinfrastructure? and what is a digital facelift? over the last week or so i have been hopping back and forward between units trying to carefully avoid having to do this assignment. but i have finally came around to it, and ive finally cracked my understanding of both Gardener Campbells inside ‘gold’ and ‘nugget’ joke and what in the world does he mean when he talks about cyberinfrastructure and facelifting digitally.

So lets begin, what were the key sentences and/or keywords generated my interest – the quote at 5minutes 50seconds into the video. “We are entering a new age of education that is programmed for discovery rather than instruction”. i rather like this quote a lot, and it made me pause the video to jot some ideas that generated from these two keywords.

Now what the keyword ‘discovery’ means to me is exploring new things, and learning new things, and connecting ourselves with new concepts – by discovering we are constantly learning and this gradually shapes and moulds us into these digitally advance beings. This is because technology has developed so rapidly in the last decade it has given us all these opportunities to explore limitlessly at our own will – discovering new things, developing our own learning of the world and how the world works.

The understanding that instruction is not any means to us anymore, but exploring is, and it this whole recurring theme of discovery can be filtered into the DS106 learning experience, many phrases and key words stick out to me when reading these assignments “You are required encouraged ” – the whole comical notion and reminding us that its not an instructing concept, we are encouraged constantly to make our own decisions, work out our own way of learning which suits us so comfortable and willingly.

Unit 3 – What is Story telling

Story telling is to lose all sense of what is real – a sort of escapism, a set of tales, fairytales, real or fantasy that brings you an imagination, thats brings you to enter the world of the story by creating images, smells, touch, senses. One of the most powerful things about stories is the world it can create in your imagination.

Unit 2 – Say it like peanut butter


My favourite all time movie is Star Trek, and what better opportunity to experience the awe and brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch.

The assignment required me to make a gif but also ‘making sure the movement is minimal but essential’ – This gif is not minimal, or short in that matter – because to be quite frank, it deserves the whole 6 seconds – because this essential scene is the unmasking of Khan Noonien Singh.

“My name is … Khan”

ughhhh – chills.